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Lisa Anne Miles Modeling Video

About a month from now, I will be giving my vows to the most amazing woman as we celebrate our wedding with family and very close friends. Loving, forgiving, nurturing, & supportive are just some of the terms that come to my mind when I describe Lisa. She is beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Being together, we pretty much have done it all over the last 8 years and we want to be together until the end. Today, I put together a compilation of some of the images that we created with our photo shoots since we have been together and took the time to create a video. Lisa has always been my favorite muse and some of the places that we captured our moments are Columbus, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Sturgis, Fort Myers Beach & Miami. With this video, I wanted to celebrate Lisa's beauty using some of our images from the past that I know she probably hasn't seen for a long time. Thank you Lisa for your endless love and commitment!

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