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Born in USA, 1970​.  


Professional photographer specializing in portrait, fashion, fitness, glamour, boudoir, pinups, and tasteful artistic nudes.   I also enjoy doing senior pictures and I have commissioned some weddings to add to my portfolio.  My goal is to offer the highest quality service while providing professionalism and comfort at an affordable price. 


Portrait photography yields very positive results.  Putting together a photo shoot is not only creative and fun, but it also builds self-confidence and boost self-esteem.  The photographer-client relationship starts from our initial introduction where we outline our goals.  We then continue this communication regarding our ideas and planning  until that special day of our shoot. We work in a synergistic manner throughout the entire process and the beauty captured is archived forever. These images can be reflected upon at any time for personal reasons and they can also be excellent gifts for loved ones. 


As a child, I enjoyed photography, but my true love for the craft became rejuvenated when my daughter was brought into my life.  I felt the need to capture every available moment shared together.  Later, in adulthood, I needed to make sacrifices to advance my professional healthcare career that resulted in a move from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio.  I started to  photograph my daughter and family members every chance that I could capturing family events and quality time.  Once in Ohio,  I became involved photographing professional women's football working with the Columbus Comets on the sidelines. as my fiance at the time was a player as well as my sister back in Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Passion team.   Shooting with the Comets. I quickly learned sports photography utilizing high shutter speeds to stop the action. I would travel to most games  where I observed women that had as much drive and love for the game as men and seeing them closely from the sidelines put me close to them where I could capture the action and emotions related.


My interests later led me into the fitness industry, which allowed me to work with clients that were in excellent shape especially around competition time.  Not only did I capture the sport, the industry allowed me to extend my skills into fashion & glamour photography.  I also gained experience photographing boudoir and artistic nude work, an area that is more intimate, but also an area where I was able to be comfortable.  This in turn puts clients at ease, which subsequently reflects in the outcome of our photo.  Where did my comfort come from?  Likely, from the many years working with patients in the healthcare industry where confidence, compassion and caring are crucial attributes to have when caring for patients with respect to their personal circumstances.   Using creative lighting and posing of clients properly is essential for obtaining the most flattering results and I appreciate and respect the raw beauty that this type of work can offer my subjects.  Positive feedback from clients has been gratifying, so I intend to continue working in this direction.


I credit my wife, Lisa, for her loving support and thank her for referring several customers to me that have been tied to her fitness posing suit and spray tanning business.  Lisa often assists me during photo shoots; she helps clients with makeup, coordinating outfits, and even offers assistance with posing.  Lisa has also been a muse for over 10 years.


Various factors determine my fees:  equipment cost/wear and tear, shooting time, studio rental, editing time and travel.  I take a lot of pride in being very professional at all times, but have fun at the same time.  I have a long list of references that are available upon request.


Please reach out to me regarding any type of idea or concept that you may have. I am eager to explore new ideas, and I like to expand my portfolio whenever I can.  You may reach me here through my site or via E-mail at  


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and feel free to follow me via my social media links.


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