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Elyse's Senior Pictures

As a photographer, there is no better pleasure than having the honor of capturing my own daughter's senior pictures. Blessed with one child, I am truly grateful to be a part of these special moments that I will never forget. Elyse visited us in Florida recently and she asked me to take photos of her while she would be in town. Recently, Lisa, my fiance and I moved here from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My daughter is in her senior year now and starting to look at her options for college and is pondering about a possible pathway in healthcare like both her mother and me. As busy as she is going to be moving forward, I really took the time and cherished every moment possible during her visit. Elyse wanted pictures around water or a beach as well as any idea we could come up with using a couple different outfits that she brought with her. We plan to capture more in October when Lisa and I will be back home for our wedding. I am feeling really proud of what Elyse has become as a young woman and I look forward to her finding what makes her happy in life.

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