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Happy Veterans Day! -A Patriotic Shoot with Sarah Anne.

Sarah Anne and I had the opportunity to work together on two separate occasions, a fitness and then a boudoir session. The boudoir session allowed us to create images demonstrating both a personal side of Sarah Anne as well as the project tied in some patriotic symbolism.

A special thanks is extended to my friend Mark Pazzanita, who permitted us to use the upper level of his business in order to create our magic through a photo shoot. Mark, who I have known since my childhood, owns the Tick Tock Bar and Cafe, located in Ambridge, PA. I would recommend the establishment to anyone looking for a friendly atmosphere with a lot of history, not to mention the warmth from the staff filled with smiles and wit. The bartenders, mostly Mark's Children (Courtney, Tara, Taylor) provide and overwhelming feeling of belong. The building, built he late 1800's, has been renovated and bought back to life. It has the decor and feeling of the South Side section of Pittsburgh, but with pictures outlining the history of Ambridge.

The American Flag wrapped around Sarah Anne may represent freedom, a football may indicate Sara's Annes's love for the game. What about the mask and handcuffs? Do they represent a personal side of Sarah Anne that we will never know, or could the mask even represent lack of governmental transparency which also ties into the patriotic theme of our boudoir session? Do the hand cuffs represent oppression or constraint as seen within or outside of our democracy? Any part of our imagery is completely open to the viewer's interpretation. Veterans Day is a time to be thankful to our military who have come and gone and every day put their lives on the line for our freedom. We know individuals outside of our country do not have the God given right to display, challenge, appreciate art and way we deem appropriate.

In the United States, we are challenged by a strong division of political views full of tension around the political debates and the recent presidential election. With that being said, we have certainly earned the right to enjoy a distraction. My Boudoir video outlines Sarah Anne on a personal side, wearing sensual attire, in a setting of her private moments. Boudoir photography allows the capturing of these moments in a unique setting. Some of the images added may qualify to be of the glamour genre, but never-the-less, they were created with a message that can be interpreted by any viewer; the gift and freedom of expression through art.

Natural light from the large windows in the building was often used for a different feel, but I also used Bowens professional lighting, umbrellas to soften the light, and a black backdrop for a couple photos. Some of the images were edited in a black and white format as I feel this often provides a different feeling than what we gain from color images. My ultimate goal was to diversify thought and emotion, while leaving the viewer with something soft and beautiful to look at, Sara Anne.

Thanks again goes out to Sarah Anne for her time and participation. Symbolically, her beauty offers all of us a diversion similar to what Pinup art provided our military during challenging times such as war. Sarah Anne works hard as a business professional, stays fit and active through excercise and competing onstage. Thanks again to Mark Pazzanita for for his friendship and the use his space. Thanks most of all to those that have made the ultimate sacrifices for our freedom.

I decided to create this video mixed with our images for a post on Veterans Day. I means something to me to have the right to express myself through art without restriction and I am confident that my recent vote with help ensure that our American values are maintained.

Thanks for stopping by,


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