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Memories of Sturgis 2013 & 2015

Just a flashback from our two trips to Sturgis, SD. The first trip in 2013, and the second in 2015, which was the 75th anniversary of Sturgis. I decided to purchase a trailer so we could pull our bikes across the country to an event that was certainly one to remember.

Sturges, was not so much about the party for us, but the absolute beauty of riding through memorable locations such as Spearfish Canyon, which had several beautiful waterfalls, to riding toward Devils Tower in Wyoming, seeing Mount Rushmore or the Crazy Horse , which is currently being carved into the rock, which will take beyond my years to finish the project. The late Full Throttle Saloon was great fun in the evenings with multiple rock bands and shear craziness all around the venue.

In 2013, our friends from Pittsburgh (Paula, Ned, Jack), decided to take the trip at the same time, and in 2015, my brother, Jason joined us and it made a great trip for all.

Lisa originally started out with a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 in 2013, but upgraded to a 2008 Yamaha Star Silverado, seen in Red. Some of her modeling shots also done using my 2012 HD Road Glide Custom. I usually post modeling pictures in my blog alone, but I think it is worth letting you experience some of the overall scenery of the Black Hills and surroundings. -Lisa and I plan to make this trip again every couple of years.

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