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Featured photo shoot with model, Lisa Simakas, resurrected and portrayed in a collage from images ca

In the fall of 2008, I worked with two fitness/competitors, Lisa Simakas and Monika Rogers (not shown in picture).

Lisa, who recently competed, was up for a shoot and our loose plan was to simply bring outfits and we would basically figure it out throughout our day together. Sometimes the best ideas come spontaneously and many of my successful shoots have worked out in just that manner. The evening before our shoot, I walked out of a bar in Bridgewater, PA., where a gentleman was pulling up on a Vintage 1942, WW2 German Zandap motorcycle. Attached to his bike was a large machine gun and my wheels began to spin. The owner of the bike was a collector and loved my idea to incorporate his motorcycle into our shoot especially if it involved two gorgeous females being showcased on his prize possession. He eagerly told me that he would show up on time and would bring props such as German clothing, grenades and addition guns, hats, helmets, and whatever it would take in order to make our vision a success. I happen to love vintage Pinup style photographs and I love B&W photography as I think it adds to the feel of our capture.

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