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Lisa Marie Sanders, IFBB Pro Physique

I have a lot of editing to do after attending the Arnold Sports Festival that occured the first week in March in Columbus, Ohio. One of my highlights was working with IFBB Pro Lisa Marie Sanders. Lisa competed in the Masters Physique class. Being a 48 year old mother of 3, Lisa enjoys both bodybuilding and crossfit training.

Lisa is an Army and AirForce Veteran, so my hat is off to her for all of her dedication to not only bodybuilding, but most of all for serving our country.

Inspired by LHGFX Photography's Body's of Work Volumes, we worked to capture Lisa's physique in a tasteful artistic manner using shadows and light with a dark backdrop. Other various ideas were utilized throughout the day. I hope to work with Lisa again in the future and I wish her and her family my best. Here's a collage I put together to outline some of our work.

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